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September 19, 2018 
We love our Bathroom! 

Dale & Lisa M.
Webster, New York 
bath remodel
bathroom floor and sink remodel
September 8, 2018 

Excellent journeymen/traditional workmanship that is rarely seen today. 
Above and beyond the call of duty. The rebuilt back deck is an outstanding 
example of inspired craftsmanship and most important, they listened to us 
and responded to our concerns and took suggestions seriously. We will certainly 
employ them again. 

Robin & Margaret B.
Rochester, New York 

February 2018

Description Of Work: 

"Excellent work. Ray took plenty of time to answer my questions before and during the project. The workers were prompt, courteous, and helpful. The bathroom is beautiful and overall the finish and quality is very good. We are so happy with the renovation!   

Ben Z.
Rochester, New York

January 06, 2015

Description Of Work: 
Free estimate at my house / talked about pros & cons of my dream full bath and walk-in closet. 

Ray Mallo swung by my home to check out what I was thinking for our brand new full bathroom and walk-in closet in our extra space on the 3rd floor (where none of either existed.) He was very honest and utterly practical with all his recommendations which I appreciate greatly! He gave me the good and the bad of all my "dreams" and pointed out excellent nits I may run into if I decided to go with my designs. I am very OCD and love to know any nits I would run into down the line. Ray was very thorough and gave me written recommendations on where to look for our new fixtures / lights / etc. Last but not least, I should mention he was punctual for our meeting and a genuine gentleman.  

I look forward to receiving Mallo Home Improvements estimate. 

Ray was honest and said he would not get it to me for at least 2 weeks due to other commitments. This works out perfectly with my schedule and research I need to do but I just want to point out again, the practical honesty and not fluffing me with something he knew he couldn't commit to. A+!!!

***Please note*** I am NOT a professional interior designer...I just had Pinterest photos and dreamed up a layout of what I thought should go where in the bathroom and how the walk-in closet should flow...Ray was open to anything & everything. The photos helped me when I was at a loss for words of how I was thinking of how something could get accomplished. 

Liz G.
Rochester New York  

September 01, 2014

Description Of Work: 
Repaired a rotten step and some trim work on a late Victorian.

They were prompt, polite and tidy. Great work and I am going to use them again

Margaret B.
Rochester, New York
March 16, 2014

Ray Mallo,

First let me thank you and Ray for the great job and hard work through the worst weather of the season on record, from the start date of January 27 until today March 16.  A total of 49 day of fun. Both you and Ray have shown skill and honesty and professionalism and I could not have asked for more. I love my remodel and I give you the credit for the good layout and plans and attention to details that I would not have thought or known about. I feel like I am in a new house.

C. H.
Irondequoit, New York
December 1, 2013

Powder room renovation

Ray and his team at Mallo Home Improvements were exceptional in their work from day one. Our renovation was very unique in which my wife and I had purchased most of the product on our own and had some intricate asks that were done without question.  Suggestions of course were made and we were kept fully aware of any necessary changes that were needed during the 5 days of renovation without surprise.  I must also speak about Dave, who did the day-to-day work for Mallo.  Dave was polite, courteous and overall just a really great guy. It's not the easiest thing to have a stranger come to your home, but Dave made us feel comfortable right away and we had no problems with welcoming him each morning.  

Rochester, New York

October 21, 2013

Description Of Work: 

I replaced a jacuzzi tub and small shower with a larger tiled shower. I LOVE it! I worked with Ray who was wonderful to deal with. Everyone was professional and friendly. I would have given quality an A- if possible. Some of the drywall in the closet did not smooth out quite as nice. Otherwise, great job. I also had them do a small tile project in my kitchen. This also turned out great. Their pricing came in much below other estimates. I would hire them again.

Linda D.
Rochester, New York